Principles of Mindful Marketing

The principles of mindful marketing go way beyond the vague concept of being ‘honest’ and ‘authentic’. Everyone wants to be those things, but few know what it really means to market their business in a way that stays true to them.

At Mindful Marketing Co. we show you how to take a thoughtful and enlightened approach to everything you say and do in your marketing and help you cultivate a deeper connection to your audience to create more leads and sales. 

Find Out How

In your business, you value what you think, being what you say, being what you do.


You reject the idea of hiding your cards to those who follow you in the hopes of manipulating them to buy. You also see mistakes or mis-steps as an opportunity for growth and learning, and you want to learn to move through those times with grace and transparency for a restorative outcome.


Mindful doesn’t mean fluffy. Using proven systems that work to grow your list, increase your following, drive web traffic and increase your leads can be done in a way that doesn’t feel contrived or salesy.


Get found by those who need you most through marketing strategy and content design that’s based on energetic alignment and truth. Through true alignment, you can uncover your voice and bring your gifts to the world through words that speak to exactly who you want to reach.


Trusting yourself will allow people to trust you, too. Feeling confident as a result of the energy you are cultivating in your marketing efforts is just one example of self-trust.


Connecting with people on a deeper-level than others in your industry, in a way that brings out your unique value will make them excited to buy your offers.

About Rena

My name is Rena Chiovelli, and one day about 4 years ago my life took a turn when I decided the ‘daily grind’ had ground me down enough. I was a burned-out single mom working as an over-achieving, under-valued perfectionist with a debilitating auto-immune disorder.

Doing what absolutely nobody thought I should, I followed my intuition.

I left my career of 13 years, sold my house and started a business based on connection through truth, vulnerability and aligned values.

I took my skills in writing and corporate experience in marketing and strategic planning and was determined to use it to help others like me follow their dreams and become wildly successful by sharing their most genuine selves through their words.

As a seasoned writer and certified content marketer I founded Mindful Marketing Co., an agency dedicated to helping other entrepreneurs who care deeply about connecting to their audience, do so using a mindful approach.

I am passionate about uncovering the soul of a business, creating its unique brand voice and helping you share it with the world through your words.


The Expand Your Light Package I purchased was exactly what my business needed! Working with Rena at Mindful Marketing Co. gave me the confidence and support I needed to niche down to my area of expertise.
It was incredible how well Rena captured my voice and core message to create website copy and blogs that convert! With her help, my website traffic increased by 333% within a few weeks! I highly recommend working with Rena for all your copywriting needs!

Jenn HylaLyme Disease Advocate, Speaker & Coach

Working with Rena was such an amazing experience. Right from the start, I found her website on an entrepreneur forum and immediately fell in love with her work! She helped me find my authentic voice after just 1 hours of talking to her during our "Voice Profile" (you need this go on over and schedule one ...thank me later). She brought my boring training manual to LIFE. Definitely a 5-star experience!

Sarah IrvinOwner Quick Tan Sunless

Working with Rena was an incredible experience. As a new small business owner it was so helpful to have an intuitive and professional set of eyes on my website, and to help me figure out my customer’s journey.
Rena helped me get clear on who my audience is, what experience I wanted my customers to have, and how to grow and nurture those customers. She highlighted what I was doing well and helped me come up with concrete steps to take to bring other aspects of my business and website to where I want it to be. Rena was full of fun and exciting ideas that left me feeling motivated and inspired. I highly recommend using Rena’s services.

Rachel AmadoOwner Zoftig Boutique

Rena is an amazing soul, so easy to connect with. She has a great ability to transform your thoughts and your story into words that will help you make the connection between you and your audience. Rena is fantastic at 'translating' thoughts into valuable context. She senses the vibe and creates an amazing text with great substance in it.
I loved working with Rena and I would recommend her to anyone who has their 'homemade wine' (their thoughts, feelings, products, services etc) and want to put it into the perfect bottle and to write the perfect words on it (to make sure your audience understands you and what you offer). This is what Rena can do for your website, to help you choose the perfect words for the beautiful product or service that you have in store. Thank you so much Rena for all your help.

Stella TudorSpiritual Practitioner and Coach

I have a beautiful business. But it's been a sort of hidden secret. Then Rena came along. She helped me focus on the unique aspects of my business and concentrated on what I WANT my business to be. Together we created a specific identity for Baraka Gardens. It was all keeping with the heart and soul of what I started with, a philosophy of gardening and environmental sustainability. Sometimes you might think if you stick to your principles it won't be a money-maker. But Rena changed that for me. Since we applied the marketing plan she helped create, we have seen a significant increase in our social media interaction. Our calls and inquiries have doubled. The customers walking through the door (even early in the season) has shown a noticeable increase. The growth in customer base is obviously a benefit. But the reason I enthusiastically endorse Mindful Marketing Co. is that I have increased my sales while staying completely true to my authentic self. Nothing is more satisfying than running a business you believe in. Communicating that to your potential customer base in a lucrative way is.... well... possibly even more satisfying as that!

Tasha BradsellOwner Baraka Gardens Greenhouse