Mindful Marketing Membership

Content is the single biggest contributing factor to online business growth. Period. Full stop.

But expressing yourself online and learning to be vulnerable in your business can seem too daunting to really achieve.

So what happens then?

You continue to churn out generic sounding, uninspiring content that doesn’t really sound like you and doesn’t connect with your potential clients.

Content That Matters.

As a content writer and marketing strategist, I see so many businesses struggle to know what they want to say and how they want to say it.

And the more I work with integrity-driven businesses, the more I hear them tell me of their need for ongoing support in getting their content and their reach on-point.

That’s why I’ve created the Mindful Marketing Membership – a container for entrepreneurs just like you to uplevel your business content and marketing strategy in a way that aligns with your values.

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How It Works

You join the membership group for a low monthly – or even lower annual fee.

I provide you with regular, ongoing group content and marketing coaching, training, and resources that not only teach you the practical side of content creation but also how to infuse it with personal alignment that will make your audience go from “meh” to “yeah!”.

You implement what you learn in a time-frame that works for you and watch your business completely transform, grow and thrive!

Yep. That’s it. It’s that easy.

There is so much amazingness that comes with your Mindful Marketing Membership.

Here’s what you get as a monthly member

1 exclusive theme training per month

Special guest expert talks and trainings

2 monthly livestream content audits
1 live group Q&A per month for content, marketing and strategy coaching
Free content templates (always growing)
Free access to all my paid trainings under $50
Exclusive “pop-up” style trainings and workshops
Exclusive member-only resources
Free access to my pre-recorded “Find Your Goddess Voice” video training and ebook
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Still not sure if it's right for you?

I hear you. I’m all about the details too. Here are some examples of the kind of monthly themes and topics we will be covering…

Spiritual Content Creation

Email Marketing
Blogging: Get seen through aligned optimizing
Social Media Planning
Personal Story-Telling in Business
Website Optimization
SEO for Beginners
Writing Sales Pages that Connect
The Power of Video Content
Creating a Content Plan You Can Stick To
Killer Opt-Ins
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Still Not Sure?

I understand. It’s hard to know what to invest in these days. Here is what your membership in the Mindful Marketing Membership will do for you…


Create content with a like-minded group of conscious entrepreneurs.


Receive practical support, community and energetic guidance in the development of your business.


Create content that you feel connected to and good about sharing.


Get lots of 1-1 feedback and support from me and other industry experts on your content and marketing strategy.


Focus on relationships as the way to sales instead of icky, cold and outdated marketing tactics.


Receive thousands of dollars worth of training AND have unlimited access to an ever-growing library of workshops, resources, templates and training!

Align your business with your core values and who you truly are so you can change the world with your words.

Does it get much better than that?

Ok, maybe it does. Like if you were on an island in the tropics sipping mai tais by the beach while getting fanned by a man-servant.
Sorry. Membership doesn’t include that.
But there is a way to get even more out of being a part of this content revolution!
VIP Upgrade

1-1 Content, marketing and strategy support at your fingertips

I have limited spots for a handful of motivated business owners who want to get their hands on everything this membership has to offer PLUS get 1-1 Voxer coaching with me! I LOVE voxing with my clients.

This is a perfect option if you are looking for personalized support in crafting your message, clarifying your offers, launching, or needing any strategy support for your marketing.

Voxer coaching includes voice and text access using the Voxer app during regular business hours. If you need my eyes on your content, or have a question on what you should be focusing on, or need help creating a plan for launching your new course or service then this option is great for you.

Say goodbye to bro-marketing.

So that’s that. Join me and other conscious business owners as we take on the digital world and change the face of how business marketing is done.
I can’t WAIT to see you there.

Mindful Marketing Starts Here

Monthly Membership

Monthly Basic Membership $25/month.

VIP Membership Upgrade

Monthly VIP Membership $333. Includes personal voxer access.

I love Saving with One Payment!

Annual Basic Membership $240.