How Sleep + Gut Health Work Together to Improve Your State of Mind

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It might surprise you how strongly connected good sleep and gut health are to maintaining good mental wellness.

Get a good sleep – your gut depends on it. (Eat well – your sleep depends on it.)

As a busy mom of three, I know that getting good, quality sleep is so important.  Whether it’s one night of bad sleep because of a sick kid or an injured ankle I had to sleep with propped up for a few weeks, I’m a wreck whenever I go without good rest.  I can’t think, I can’t focus, and my mood is all over the place.    

I don’t know how I used to function when I had three little ones getting me up in the night, or before that how I use to stay up past midnight every night doing homework or talking with friends.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve become more attuned to how much sleep my body needs and what I can do to get more and better-quality sleep. I know that getting enough sleep, but not too much, is essential to supporting my mental wellness.

What took me time to learn, and what might surprise you, is how strongly connected good sleep and gut health are to maintaining your state of mind.  

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