The Ultimate Guide to C-Section Recovery

for Nichole Joy, Digital Doula

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Having a C-section birth may be something you prepare for, or it may come as an unexpected surgery during labor. Either way, the C-section itself is just the start of a 6-week journey to full recovery.

C-sections are major abdominal surgery, and while it is very common (about 30% of births in the US happen via C-section), many moms kinda stumble along in their recovery, trying to take in the overwhelming and sometimes complicated advice given to them by their doctor all whilst coming down from a cocktail of surgery drugs and pain medication…and ya know…giving birth to a new human being.

Clearly, that is NOT the best time to absorb information. And you likely won’t see your provider until six weeks post-birth for a checkup (yay American maternal healthcare system!).

So. Whether you are planning a C-section, want to prepare for a “just in case”, or if you have just had a Cesarean and don’t quite know what to expect, I’ve created this guide to walk you through all the major stages of cesarean recovery, how you can help yourself heal faster, and what to watch out for.

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