3 Pieces of Advice to Limit Social Media Drain and Maximize Results with Technology

Technology evolves and grows at light-speed, it would seem. This is particularly the case in today’s social media world with ever-changing platforms, algorithms, new tools and the astronaut-level technical knowledge needed to fully realize their potential.

All these changes make it seem near impossible to easily streamline your social media presence to make you engaged, yet not working on posts for half your day.

Many of us get so overwhelmed by the social media game we simply run and hide for a burn-out-induced, month (or four) long break. (Oh come on, I know it’s not just me.)

We’ve long passed the days where social media has been optional for businesses, but what can we do to minimize the time and effort it takes to manage it all?

How can businesses keep up with the technological tools to create good social media?

And perhaps most importantly, how can a business maximize its exposure and conversions using social media?

Prodigy Collective experts Terra Milo, a small business technology consultant and Amanda Woods, owner of Social Savant Consulting, a boutique digital ad company offer their best advice for getting a handle on your social media presence – and keeping up with it.

1. Schedule posts in a way that best meets your needs.

To schedule, or not to schedule. That is the proverbial social media question many business owners grapple with on the daily. Many argue, that if you really want to streamline your social media, you need to get a scheduler.

While scheduling ensures consistency in posting and often feeds a good strategy, it can also eat away a ton of time (post-building rabbit hole, anyone?) and may also seem less authentic to your social consumers than unscheduled, native posts.

Here are some basics on schedulers if you are just getting started:

  • Hootsuite and Sprout are favs of these Prodigy coaches IF you have the right resources (time or staff) to actually DO the scheduling.
  • A lesser-known, but very effective tool Terra recommends is SmarterQueue. SmarterQueue specializes in recycling your evergreen content automatically so you can worry less about coming up with new posts every week.
  • Facebook now offers an in-platform scheduler that is easy to use. Amanda recommends this tool as algorithms give preference to posts scheduled within the platform itself. However, if you have a lot of evergreen content it may be easier to still use a third-party scheduler like SmarterQueue.

2. Limit platforms.

With so many options, a lot of new businesses make the mistake of trying to leverage social media in a free-for-all of account creations. The truth is, it’s impossible to keep up on multiple platforms if you don’t have the team behind you to back it up.

Simply put: you’ll burn out by week three of your best intentions.

Amanda and Terra both believe limiting your social platforms actually increases your social presence. “I think you have to be ON them for real, not just because you think you should. Don’t just post and run away. You’re there to be social.”, says Terra.

I always advise my clients to focus on one maybe two platforms at the most until they can hire out social media support.

Not sure which two platforms to focus on? Amanda says, “The first thing to ask is ‘where is the majority of my audience located?’” Researching your audience demographic and cross-researching it to the correct platform is essential.

Be able to streamline your social media on these one or two spaces before deciding if you should add another.

3. Use video on your social platforms.

Video is now mandatory on social media. Small Business Trends reports that global internet traffic from videos will make up 80% of all internet traffic by 2019.

This is great news in that video provides an excellent opportunity to create a better persona for yourself and your business to your clients. It also allows for well-articulated, animated message delivery.

If you don’t have the budget to contract out a production crew, don’t worry. The most successful social video comes from organic livestreams and self-produced content. It’s likely that video produced yourself in fact enforces your brand and is received by your audience as getting a glimpse into the authentic you.

Top tools if you want an enhanced video experience with a small budget:

Further, Milo suggests you can still produce quality video feeds for nothing using your smartphone and good, natural light on your face by being outside or in a bright room with windows.

Yet with all the options for platforms, tools and tech support, Woods advises that although the bells and whistles of social media can be helpful to your presence, it’s still your content that matters most. (Be still, my heart. I knew I loved this lady!)

“If your content isn’t interesting, relevant or written with passion and authority, all the schedulers and well-lit video in the world won’t create the buzz your business needs to convert clients.”

– Amanda Woods, Social Savant Consulting

It all takes time.

Keeping up with social media for your business can be an overwhelming task. If you feel over-burdened, take a look at all the social platforms you are currently ignoring…er…managing. Refocus your efforts to streamline your social media in the above-noted ways – and don’t give up. It takes time to build a well-engaged audience.

Implement these three tips, make sure that content of yours is in tip-top shape, and watch your results and your sanity improve.

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